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On domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012 0 comentarios

New hack / bot for Zynga Poker, with this tool you can increase your chips and casino gold, unlimited, considering the following aspects:

* Before opening the hack, we must open our facebook account and obviously the zynga poker app.
* Use the hack / bot only 1 time every two days.
* Bet with moderation, this will prevent blockages to your FB account and for the hack.

Video Promo:


How does Zynga Poker Hack / Bot?

With a highly advanced platform, this tool is detecting an account of zynga poker chips / gold and send them to your Facebook account, instantly.

Have any risk of closing my FB account?
yes, but if you follow my recommendations, you'll have no problem, if you want, you can create an alternate fb account, to try the hack.

What are the requirements to run this hack?
- Microsoft. NET Framework 4, if you do not, you can install it from here:
- Processor: 1.4 GHz or higher.
- Memory: 256 MB RAM
- Internet connection of 512 Kbps or higher.
- All supported operating systems!
- Runs on Mac and PC

This application contains a virus, spyware, malware or harmful elements for my computer?
No, the progam is free of viruses, here I leave a test that was made a few hours from Virus Total:

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